We tried Battle of Slots, a hip new casino feature

It’s online casino room Videoslots.com that has come out with a new feature. Something very unique for the online casino market. If you ever played a sit n go tournament or MTT while playing poker, you might recognize yourself.

What is it all about
Battle of Slots is played simultaneously with other slots player who are competing against each other about the same pot. There are two specific variations how it can be played on Videoslots. One is the “Sit n Go” version and the other one is the “Battle Version”.

  • Sit N Go is played once all seats are filled.
  • Battle is shedualed and played on a specific time

There are freeroll version, guaranteed pots and other various variations. If it’s not a freeroll, players buy-in with a fixed sum. This sum is then added to the pot that the players are competing for. The players that get the best scores is then rewarded with the pot.

Players gets to play specific spins with limited time. Once the time is up and players has used their spins there will be a few winners that will take home their share of the the pot. There are all kind of slots games that can be played. E.g. Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, Sevens High and more.

A scoreboard in the battle lobby is always available showing time, leaders and spins that are left, during the battle.

lobby at battle of slots

What we think about it
This is really groundbreaking stuff from Videoslots. It’s a fun way to be social and at the same time get to know other slots players. So social is the keyword here. It wouldn’t be a suprise if we see this coming on other casino brands. But at the time of writing, Videoslots is the only online casino that have this type of concept. It’s fun, entertaining and social at the same time.

If you haven’t already tried it, we can really recommend you trying it.

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