Table games cash race

On Unibet casino there is a table games cash race running. For anyone that enjoys table games like blackjack and roulette for example its a good chance to get some extra value while playing. Its a total of £10,000 in prize money that will be given to a total of 20 different players.


Its a simple concept for how they calculate the winners. The players that wager the most will win prizes.

First spot: £1500
Second spot: £1000
Third spot: £750
Fourth to tenth spot: £250

This prize pool above is a total of £5000. They will run this campaign two times though, so the total will be a prize pool of £10,000. The first part of the competition is 9th May to 15th May. The second part is 16th May to 22nd May.

The rules:

  • Any table game during the promotion period will be valid
  • For each £1 that is wagered you get one point
  • 10 players win prizes in each campaign
  • The prizes are credited at the end of each campaign
  • All points will be reset after the first race is completed

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