Super Live Roulette campaign in November

With extra cash, free spins and a BMW Z4 on the table. Well, maybe not the BMW on the table. But infront of the table.


Depending on what time and day you play live casino, special campaigns will be available. Check the schedule below to get the most of this special live casino campaign.

Mondays to Wednesdays: Win a BWM Z4
Thursdays: Play and get free spins
Fridays: Extra cashwins

Monday to Wednesday Campaigns in November
So in this campaign, player get a ticket for every 10 game round on Race Roulette Table between 2pm until 2am. Each ticket can earn you a new hot BMW Z4.

Thursday Campaigns in November
Get 100 free spins on Starburst, when you play 20 game round on Starburst Live Roulette table. This between 2pm and 2am, every thursday.

Friday campagins in November
Get £5 for every 20 game rounds you complete on Circus Live Roulette table from 2pm until 2 am.

Also, dont forget to check out our guides on how to register and verify an account and also deposit and withdrawal options.

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