Deposit and Withdrawal Options

The whole purpose of an online casino is to provide you the ease with which you can experience the games that it has and win a reward or two in the process. Who knows, maybe you will get lucky and hit the jackpot as well. To win the bonuses and rewards, you need to wager real money. So, two of the most important things in an online casino are the deposit and withdrawal options.

Keeping It Simple

Imagine you are on a particular casino website. You have registered your account and are ready to play your first game. You can’t wait to test your luck. However, you find it difficult to make heads or tails of the deposit and withdrawal options of the site. The complexity of the process turns you away from the site.

You will never encounter this scenario in top-notch casino websites such as ComeOn and CasinoRoom. They understand that if the deposit and withdrawal options are made complex, it only hurts the casino.


Making It Easy For You

If you have any trouble figuring out the two options, then you don’t have to worry because you have us. We have collated the important information that you are required to know and have presented in a simplified manner for your reading pleasure. Here is all you need to know about deposit and withdrawal options:

  • Deposit Options
    Most casinos will allow you to deposit money for the games through two options: a credit card and a virtual wallet. Both are standard, safe choices where you can expect your money to be protected from mischief makers. You can also use other options including bank wires and PayPal. There is a minimum amount for deposits, which usually stands at $15 or $20.
  • Choosing The Right Option
    If you opt to use a credit card, then all you have to do is key in the details of the card and you are good to go. With a virtual wallet, you will have to create an account first before selecting it as an option. Our preference lies towards the virtual wallet. One reason is that some credit cards cannot be used on gaming sites because some banks don’t want anything related to gambling. The other reason is that certain casinos offer additional rewards to players who use virtual wallets.
  • Withdrawal Options
    Withdrawal options are similar to the deposit options. We would again advise you to select the virtual wallet option as it allows you to immediately collect your winnings. When you use the other options, such as a credit card, bank wire, or PayPal, you are bound by the standard bank bureaucracy. What this means is that you will have to wait a few days before getting your money. You can also use the winnings from the e-wallet to play another game

There may be certain fees levied on both deposits and withdrawals, but they are usually minimal and differ from source to source.

Virtual Wallets Gets Our Vote

Of all the options that a regular casino provides, we think virtual wallets are definitely the options that you should use. In case you are wondering why we are drumming up virtual wallets, here is why:

  • Anonymity
    This is perhaps the greatest advantage. You can link your credit card or your bank account to an e-wallet and not reveal your sensitive information to the online casinos. All transactions happen through the wallet.
  • Instant Money
    Virtual wallets cut through any red tape and offer you the fastest route to paying bets and withdrawing winnings.
  • Less Fees
    The fees associated with e-wallets are less compared to the traditional cards.